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Before you vote, do your OWN research.
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Together we can save this nation from another assault by war mongering neocons, religious zealots and bigots.
(*I do not capitalize the names of people I have NO respect for.)

Campaign Contributions to Senators Drafting Trumpcare      

Insurance and Pharma Industries

Orin Hatch (UT) $471,560
Mitch McConnell (ky) $433,400
Rob Portman (Oh) $382,100
Pat Toomey (Pa) $354,616
Lamar Alexander (Tn) $228,100
John Cornyn (Tx) $180,050
Cory Gardner (Co) $151,850
John Barrasso (wy) $149,750
Mike Enzi (wy) $146,600
John Thune (Sd) $123,400
Mike Lee (Ut) $66,750
Ted Cruz (Tx) $58,895
Tome Cotton (Ar) $28,941

Source: Maplight Analysis 2010-2016      Posted 2017

Why FUrepublicans?
trump elected POTUS
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THE 2016 POTUS ELECTION IS OVER and boy are we screwed

Nov 2016 House Passes Bill That Lets Government Contractors Fire People For Being LGBT

Nov 2016  Teachers Would Face Discipline For Failing To Disclose Info About Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity       From teddy boy cruz  
 Jun 2016 Reasons NOT to vote for Trump

Mike Pence - Worse than you thought

July 17 2016 Here are 5 disturbing things you should know about Trump’s likely VP pick Mike Pence RawStory

Jun 2016 Here are 5 bald-faced lies Trump just told in his major anti-Hillary speech

Jun 2016 Republican Benghazi Committee ends with a whimper Rachel Maddow Blog

***********JEB BUSH QUITS********

Feb 2015 Jeb Bush’s foreign policy team is eerily familiar, in one Venn diagram Washington Post

June 2015 Jeb! The Money! Dynasty!

April 2014 Senate Republicans block minimum wage increase bill Washington Post

Feb 2014 GOP blocks veterans bill The Hill
(gop has failed to produce ONE jobs bill) furepublicans.)

Jan 2015 Following Flint Fiasco, Republican Congress Votes To Block Clean Water Efforts politicususa

February 2014 GOP blocks veterans bill - The Hill

Jan 2016 Rubio wrongly credits Reagan for 1981 release of hostages from Iran

***********CRUZ WATCH****** If you think g w bush was bad ********

May 2016 Ted Cruz Suspends His Campaign for President NYTimes

May 2016 Paul Ryan Proposes Re-Allowing Insurance Companies To Discriminate Based On Pre-Existing Conditions

October 2016 Donald Trump and the G.O.P.: The Party of Lincoln, Reagan and, Perhaps, Extinction